Sunday, May 1, 2011

How It Works - Mother to Be, Being, Been

Beginning on Mother's Day, May 8 - A Jennuine Life is hosting a competition for Mothers to Be, Being, or Been where you can link up in weekly "trimesters" under maternity, nursing, or postpartum projects for a chance to be one of nine (get it?) finalists.  The finalists' projects will be voted on, and the winner will receive some fabulous Mommy prizes - check out some of the prize sponsors in previous posts!

So, hopefully you're beginning to get excited about sewing for Pregnancy/Nursing/Postpartum as part of Mother to Be, Being, Been and now you need to know how this will work - well, here's the lowdown:

How it Works

  • Sewn in 2011:  It doesn't have to have been made specifically for this project, but let's keep it current - sewn in this year.
  • Photographed on a person:  Preferably on you, but since that can get difficult - just do your best! 
  • More than just embellished:  I'm not saying that every stitch of the project has to be sewn by you, but if you've just added rosettes to an existing maternity top, then this doesn't count.  Refashions are great - let's see some ingenious transformations!  If you've used a pattern, let's give credit for it!
  • One photo per project:  Pick one photo of your project to enter in the contest. If you have other pictures of the top that you'd like everyone to see, please feel free to add a link to the rest of your photostream in the description.
  • Should be text and AD-FREE:  I get that you want to protect your work; however, if you become one of the nine finalists I will be posting your picture here on the blog and cannot have any text on that image. If you decide to use a watermark, it must be extremely subtle (clear and small) or digital/invisible.
  • Added:  To the Mother to Be, Being, or Been Photobucket pools during the respective weeks - I'll publish links at the kickoff of each week.
  • Has a title with your name in it: The title of your project should contain your name (Ex: "Pink Nursing Top by Susan")
  • Is labeled: in the description area of your project, please include your NAME (Yup, again), the PATTERN you used if applicable, the FABRIC you used (describe or provide as much information as you can about it (name/type/designer), and -- if you would like -- a LINK(optional) to your website where we can see more (this can always be added later). Please feel free to write more in the description area if you would like! 
  • Mother to Be - Maternity:  May 8 - 14
  • Mother Being - Nursing:  May 15-21
  • Mother Been - Postpartum:  May 22-28
  • Voting:  Nine finalists will be selected and voting for the winner will be from May 29 - June 4.
** I was inspired to put on this competition by Made by Rae's Spring Top Sewalong, and leveraged her format; changing the rules to fit this competition.  If your project fits her criteria, you should enter both! **

I've been working away on some inspiration pieces in addition to the articles that will be published by my fabulous guests!  Spread the word, folks - the more the merrier!


  1. just found your competition via shwin and shwin. looks awesome! when does it start??

  2. okay, i just read back and saw beginning on may 8th. woops! let's blame this one on baby brain. :)

  3. You may want to reference's Spring Top Sewalong 2011 rules as the source for your own. If I noticed the similarities, I'm sure someone else will too. I've just seen a lot of people get in trouble for little things like this recently, and I'd hate for that to happen to you and your terrific blog.
    I'm so excited for this competition to start! What a fantasic idea. Maternity and nursing are perhaps even more neglected in the sewing arena than sewing for boys...if that's possible. :) Good luck, hosting a competition has got to be a lot of work.

  4. I'm in. Just as soon as I figure out what to enter. One project per participant, or not:)

  5. I made a dress that fits the requirements, and I would like to enter your contest. However, your instructions don't say where we should post or send our picture and accompanying information. Should this be emailed to you or posted as a comment? Please let me know how to enter. Thanks a lot.

  6. Thanks for letting me know about this, I would love to enter! So, we need to enter BY mother's day?

  7. * No limit on # of entries - as long as your project meets the requirements, enter it!
    * I'll share a Photobucket link where you can upload your project photos beginning on Mother's Day.
    * Projects can be uploaded beginning on May 8 running through May 28. Maternity will be from May 8 - 14, Nursing will be from May 15-21, and Post-Partum will be from May 22-28. Then voting will be open May 29 - June 4.


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