Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Button Jar

When I posted about the buttons I put on my Fair Isle Cardigan for baby #2 here, I mentioned that I used buttons from a gigantic button jar that my Mom had given me.

My Mom, being an awesome mother, reads my blog and she brought up the button jar when we next talked on the phone.

So the story of the button jar is that she and a friend went on a day trip without the kids and went to a textile mill in Michigan.  There, they each bought giant linen bags of various buttons.  Mom's friend bought some other stuff, but Mom mostly bought buttons and then the friend gave her the buttons she didn't want from her bag.

So there's the story of the button jar.  She pulled out the metallic and fancier ones and has those in a decorative box, but these have served me well since I've been the custodian of the button jar.

Don't you love how things you never thought about have a story?


  1. I never thought that buttons would be so expensive until i started sewing! That was a surprise. What a neat gift for your mom to give you! :)

  2. I love using buttons! I think it is so nice that you have a story behind your buttons. :)


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