Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nursery Prep: Quilt

I finally have the quilt finished for baby #2's nursery!

I'm really happy with how it's turned out; I was a bit hesitant about the polka dot border but I do like it now that it's all bound and quilted.  I had a pretty good debate on how to quilt the border, but I decided to take a less is more approach.  I'll hand embroider her name and birthdate once she's here, so I like that there's not a lot going on in the border.

For the rest, I decided to just quilt 1/4" away from the seams to avoid having anything quilt over the gathered squares.  I like how this turned out really well and it was pretty easy even without a walking foot.

I just love these little birdies!  The nursery theme is birds and trees, so I jumped on this fabric when I saw it!

I've had to do some re-arranging in the nursery to get the guest futon to fit without blocking the dresser drawers.  I think this layout will work out for the best in the end, but now my blue accent wall is where the futon moved to, and I'll have to paint the wall behind the crib.  I think it will be nice with two blue walls; the gray was a little too plain on all three walls anyway.  So, that leaves nine weeks to get the wall painted, changing pad covers sewn, curtain panels created and hung, crib skirt, and maybe bumper.  I have a feeling I'll be doing some of the sewing after baby arrives - hopefully this one likes hanging out in the sling carrier while Mommy works as much as Arden did!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nursery Prep: Painting

I got around to painting the nursery last week - I'm really glad I got it done because just afterward my right hip started acting up.  I'm not sure if it's sciatic pain from the baby sitting on it, or if my hips are over-relaxing from the hormones.  Either way, it's not fun and causes intermittent pain so severe it almost stops me in my tracks.  I doubled the pillow I sleep with between my legs and that seems to have helped, or the baby has moved off the nerve.  Relief! 

Now don't fret about the pregnant woman painting - I used low VOC paint from Valspar and didn't hang out in the room after each coat was applied.  I do most of the painting around here because A. I'm pretty good at it and sort of enjoy it, and B. dear husband Dave is sort of bad at it.  Sorry sweetie, but it's true!

Here's a refresher of the quilt - I've since added a narrow border out of the black and white fabric, and a larger outer border from the polka dot.

This is the blue accent wall behind the crib.  It's looking pretty pale in this picture, but it matches the blue in the quilt really nicely.  I reassembled Arden's old crib for the new baby.

The rest of the walls are a pale gray.  I think this color combination will be really soothing, and should grow up with her nicely.  The dresser/changing table from Arden's room moved in here, and the taller white dresser that was here moved into her room.

This rug from a recent trip to Ikea with my Mom and SIL was such a lucky find - $19!!  We'd begun browsing for something to put in here and weren't finding anything we liked and everything was upwards of $100.  LOVE Ikea!!

Summer Life

Sorry it's been two weeks since my last post!  Crazy heat, third trimester fatigue, and summer life have just caught up with us around here.  I've been making decent progress on prepping the nursery, so there will be some posts coming up about that. 

I haven't been completely unproductive.  I made this fish pillow for the 1st birthday of a dear friend's son.  She had given me a couple of wool sweaters to use in my projects, so I thought this would be a perfect use for some of the fabric.  I felted the blue and green sweaters and then freehanded a fish shape for the body.  Pieces of the bottom hem from the green sweater became the fins and tail.  I used minky for the white of the eyes, black fleece (coincidentally leftover from a project for her older son) and pink felt cut in the shape of hearts for the lips.  I think it turned out really cute and I hope he enjoys snuggling up with something that came from his Mommy and her friend.

We've been doing a bunch of the typical summer activities - going to the Farmer's Market - Arden sampled some yummy kettle corn...

... and partook in the nearby splash park.

Arden has discovered the joys of the garden sprayer and helps (for real!) water the flowers...

... and Laser!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Toddler, Lotion, and The Bump

After bath, I always put lotion all over Arden.  Recently she's become enamored of the process and gets lotion in her little hands and rubs it on her legs.  I got to be the lucky recipient of some of her attentions tonight as she rubbed lotion all over my 27 week belly...

... and my arms, chest, and face including up my nose!  She thought it was thoroughly hilarious!  It feels really weird to have toddler fingers covered in lotion going in and out of your nose!  Just trust me on this one...

Basement Storage

My Dad and I tackled a big project in our house last week - shelving in the basement.  Our home was built in 1918 or thereabouts, and this room was the coal room, so pardon the dark and dreary appearance.  The mask is because he's crazy allergic to dust, mold, and dog dander and the basement is a triple whammy for him because the dog's crates where they sleep are right outside the door.  That's my dollhouse in the background - we're saving that until the girls are older and can play with it.

My Dad is 1. a retired home builder, 2. has built countless numbers of these shelves, and 3. I'm now awkwardly pregnant and can't carry full sheets of particle board, so I called on him for some expertise and assistance.  My Mom came and was invaluable by watching Arden and helping me clear out the accumulation of treasures and junk that were in the storage room - previously on precarious plastic shelving and stacked in corners.

The basic concept is a frame of 2 x 4's, the Novaply 3/4" counter boards across that, and then 2" strips of wood across the front and back of the shelving to make it more sturdy and rigid.  Dad notched out the upright 2 x 4"s with a circular saw to accept the cross pieces.

Top view of my belly while cutting on the miter saw.  Baby seemed to like all the action and was bumping and nudging along the way.

Using the air gun to nail the support piece in place after gluing it.  I've gone through most of the stuff that was in there and only put back what we will use and want to keep.  Everything on the floor is in plastic bins and I've got things organized by category - household/camping, seasonal, baby toys and clothes, off-season clothing, etc...  Now I'm just deciding whether it's worthwile to have a garage sale with the stuff that didn't make the cut to return to storage, or just try to Craigslist or swapshap some of it and donate the rest.  Decisions, decisions...
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