Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Non-Event

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As a mother, sometimes I build things up into a big intimidating THING, and then when whatever it is happens it's so not a big deal.  I think I'm not alone in this.  I need to give my kid a little more credit where credit's due because she's handled change well since she was an infant.  I'm apparently the one who is averse to it.

For probably at least a year, we've limited Arden's pacifier use to sleeping only.  It was very little upset to stop having it in the car, which had previously been another time when she could use it.  I knew we were pushing the boundary of when the dentist was going to say it was time.  I've been talking to her a lot about how she was a big girl and didn't need it anymore, yada, yada, yada.  The thing is - Arden's not a very good sleeper.  She's a fabulous napper, and at bedtime she usually goes to sleep pretty easily.  Then she wakes up to three times a night crying incessantly.  I've done a little research and it sounds like night terrors.  Because of her poor sleep I was reluctant to change anything in her routine.

Here's how the Project No Pacifier went: 
Thursday after her dentist appointment, I told her she wasn't going to have her pacifiers any more and that we were going to go and trade them in for a big prize.  Arden - "a big horsey prize?"  Me - "sure".  Thursday nap went fine.  Thursday night time was a little rough, but I think more because we had been babysitting at a friend's house and got home a bit late.  Friday nap - fine.  I had her decorate a paper bag to hold her pacifiers after nap.  She enjoyed a half hour of crafty time.  Friday night - only one bout of crying, so an improvement from normal.  Saturday nap - fine.  Saturday afternoon we went to Target and she got a little purple sock monkey as her big prize.  I made sure to get in line with a female checker and explained that we were trading our suckies in for a big girl prize.  The cashier went along with it no problem and we went home with a new purple sock monkey and without pacifiers.  The End.  A complete non-event.

I did almost the same internal buildup about switching over to her toddler bed, and that also was no problem.  Have any of you found yourselves making things a bigger deal than your child?

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  1. Absolutely! We co-slept when my daughter had colic for the sake of our sanity. When she was over colic, I thought for sure that she wouldn't sleep in her crib, so I dragged it out. Night #1 in the crib she slept 13 hrs straight!

    1. Why do we do that to ourselves?! Both my daughters have used the co-sleeper, but Hadley seems to be dependant on having someone near her. Hopefully when it's time to move her to the crib for nighttime I won't make it a bigger deal than it is!

  2. I definetely make a bigger deal out of things but mainly when they get sick! I'll be so anxious about them actually getting sick before they even do! Then once they do, it's eaiser to deal with. I'm a SAHM so my toddler girls don't get exposed to much. I fear that that's an issue too...not exposed which leads to no immunity : ( I know your oldest is in daycare and probably has build up some immunity, has she brought home any sicknesses to make your new little one sick? I have a 1 month old now and fear going out with her in public due to her catching something.


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