Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hadley Marie - Four Months

Time just keeps flying by with the craziness that is having two little girls in the house!  Hadley is four months old, and Arden will be turning three in a month!  We officially had to say goodbye to the yellow/green onesie, but now we get to see her in the cute orange sweater I had originally knit for Arden.

Hadley continues to be the World's Easiest Baby, or WEB for short.  She's still sleeping through the night, and for the last couple of weeks has been going down around 7 PM and staying asleep until around 6 AM with the exception of a dream feed around 10 or 11 PM.  She's still working on rolling over, having done so successfully once about three weeks ago.

I did a little photo shoot for Hadley just after three months.  I took them in her nursery and used a reflector to bounce the light coming in through a small window to the right.  I think they turned out pretty well, and I should be able to do even better next time after taking the DSLR photography class - I can shoot on manual now!  Previously I was mostly using the action or the aperture priority setting.

This one is my favorite - I love how it shows her little pointy chin and the alphabet wall art behind her without being distracting.  This is edited in Picnik.

... or maybe this one is my favorite - little chubby belly and chunky thighs!  This is edited in PhotoShop Elements with a free action from the Pioneer Woman called "seventies".

Hi there, cutie!

She spends a lot of her time with her hands clasped together in front of her.  If they're not there then she's trying to cram her thumb or her whole hand in her mouth - I'm trying my darndest to prevent having a thumb-sucker!  I want to be able to take pacifiers away when it's time.  She's got an awesome belly laugh and she smiles so big when I go to pick her up from daycare.  She still gets chatty in the evenings and we swear she's saying "hello" to us.  She's getting better with her hands and grabs onto to toys in her floor gym, or a toy on the Bumbo tray.  She also grabs a fist full of hair at every opportunity, something Arden is not too thrilled about!

I don't have a weight for her right now - not even an at-home one.  I forgot to do it over the weekend, and I work Monday-Wednesday and it's too hectic in the evenings to try to do it then.  We have our Dr. appointment on Thursday so I'll update her stats then.  I think she might be leveling out a bit, but I could be surprised!

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