Friday, February 3, 2012

I Pinned It! 2.3.12

This week's tip is Likes - if you like a pin, it puts it in a separate spot from the rest of your boards.  It's a perfect way to keep track of things you like but which don't fit in with a specific category:

Here's a few of the things I've pinned this week:

Can you say ca-ute?  I mean the blazer is really cool and all, but check out the little girl!!  I love how it's an "adult" blazer and then lined with a fun print.

These mug cozies are just one more example of why I need to re-learn how to crochet.  Anyone wanna teach me?  I have like a bazilian hooks from my Grandma.

This idea is going immediately on my "to make" list.  She got the idea from a Martha Stewart laundy bag found on Pinterest - don'tcha just love it?

This could definitely be a problem.

I'm still gathering ideas for Arden's PINK birthday party - this pink lemonade pound cake looks like a contender!

As always, just leave me a comment if you need an invitation to Pinterest.

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