Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pink Party Planning On Pinterest: Food

Say that three times fast!  If you follow me on Pinterest, then you've likely noticed that I have a board for planning Arden's third birthday party - It's a PINK party!  I saw Summer from Sumo's Sweet Stuff did a similar wrap up for her popcorn party planning, and I wanted to be cool like Summer, so here goes:

I've pinned waaay more stuff than I'm actually planning to use, so here's the cut and what I'm planning - at least at this point - I reserve the right to change my mind!!

** Oh, and if you want to pin any images from this post, please click back to the source so it links properly - I've seen this pointed out recently and it makes a ton of sense since I'm getting some undeserved traffic from my I Pinned It! posts that should be going to the originator.  I'll be putting this disclaimer on those posts going forward. **

I pinned a ton of beautiful pink cakes and cupcakes, but I decided that my time was better spent working on decorations and favors instead of muddling through a so-so cake.  So I ordered cupcakes from our local Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe.  They make fabulous cupcakes and all I have to do is go pick them up!  I ordered six dozen mini cupcakes in three different flavors and one big cupcake for Arden.

I don't have an image to pin, but I saw somewhere? an idea to pre-freeze the ice cream in cupcake liners to make serving easier.

I try to have a variety of foods at my parties to prevent sweet tooth overload.  Plus, the party begins at 4PM, so I feel like the food should be a little more substantial.  I'm doing a version of this turkey with cranberry cream cheese sandwich on whole wheat slider buns.

This fruit salsa sounds super yummy!  I'm going to serve it with the cinnamon graham cracker option.

I saved two bags of valentine's M&Ms specifically for this pink snack mix.  Question is - do I have to go through and pick out the red ones, or leave well enough alone?

Pink popcorn - need I say more?

I might also do a pink candy station, but I'm pretty sure if I do that I'll make it more part of the favors since there is already plenty of sweets on the menu.  Do you think that's creating problems for the parents?  I know some parents are vigilant about how much sugar their kids eat (I'm one of them to some extent).

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