Document Baby’s First Year in Photos

In case you missed my guest post over at A Vision to Remember, here it is!  I had fun rounding up all these ideas to share.
I have two beautiful daughters (not at all biased, am I?) and I’ve enjoyed taking photos of my girls to show their changes and development over time.  I thought it would be fun to round up a few ideas to capture baby’s first year in pictures:

{Same place, different size}

This is the method I’ve chosen to document my younger daughter Hadley’s growth, and pretty much how I did it with my older daughter Arden.  With Hadley I take her picture on the same quilt I made for her each month.  I had a happy accident at first and now show her in similar clothing for each quarter.  I’m excited to see the full twelve photos in just over six months from now!

Katy from No Big Dill has been picturing her little boy Drummer (after five girls!) on a large-scale calendar each month.


And on Mom*tog, little Kennedy has her picture taken by her photographer mom Drew each month in a chair with balloons representing the passing of the months.  Super cute!

{Same clothing, just a little more snug}

Get a cute 12 month onesie and start taking pictures each month from newborn to one year – a good friend of mine did this with her daughter, and I think she can still get the onesie to snap at three!  She’s a mighty mini so this may not work as long for everyone, but it is a neat way to capture progress in pictures.

{Label it}

There are multitudes of shops selling labels to put on a onesie for monthly pictures – some friends of mine are fans of PickySticky.  Just stick a sticker label on a onesie, and snap a picture!

Miranda from One Little Minute had a great idea to document her pregnancy with a shirt stenciled with 40 weeks and a weekly photo showing her progress.  After she delivered her adorable little boy Eliot, she upcycled the shirt into a romper.  I love this idea – and I could see it translated so nicely into a 12 month onesie numbered 1-12 and marked off each month in the photos!

{What an Imagination}

Adele got creative when her daughter Mila fell asleep on a purple sheet and thought she looked like a fencer.  She took that spark of inspiration and created adorable vignettes of what she imagined her daughter might be dreaming.  The series of photographs became so popular, she received a book deal and When My Baby Dreams became available in January.  There’s a calendar in the works as well!

{A Picture a Day for a Year}

For those truly motivated people out there, how about taking a picture every day for a year?  A bit much for me, but this resulting video is super fun to watch!
I hope you enjoyed my little roundup and I hope you are able to capture wonderful memories of your little’s growth and development!

2 Responses to Document Baby’s First Year in Photos

  1. Lil Mama Stuart April 25, 2012 at 3:44 PM #

    great roundup! I made little signs from cardstock to photograph the 52 weeks which I used at her birthday party.

  2. Jullee April 26, 2012 at 3:00 AM #

    These are great ideas! I love how you use the same outfit for 3 months so you can see the changes. I wish I had done something like that with my girls.

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