Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hadley Marie: 11 Months

A little catch-up with Hadley's monthly photos - I don't know why some months these are so hard to get photographed and blogged.  Anyways:

It's getting harder and harder to get her to lay still on the quilt to take these.  Add to the fact that she's now longer than the center part of the design and I spend half my time putting her back in the middle and making goofy faces and sounds to try to get her to look at the camera.

Whoops!  There she goes again!  I don't have official measurements, but on our home scale she's somewhere around 24.5 pounds and she's super tall!

Within moments of learning to crawl, she started pulling up to stand and basically crawls from place to place to stand. 

She loves playing in Arden's little play kitchen.  It's so cute sometimes with the two of them standing at the sink while Arden makes elaborate "recipes" and Hadley tries to "help".

This is the best picture I could find of the little scrunchy nose snorting thing she's been doing.  It's so stinkin' cute!

Two more teeth made their arrival this month.  She now has four on top and two on the bottom.  Ther's a pretty good gap in between the two front teeth on top, so sometimes I call her "Goober".  This girl has had quite the variety of nicknames.  She has an uncanny attraction to shoes and clothes.  Each morning I'll lay out Arden's clothes for her to put on, which Hadley promptly drags all over the room.

She's a serious water baby.  At swim class she kicks her little chubby legs and reaches for the edge of the pool.  She's 90% able to pull herself up and out of the edge, a skill that makes me very happy.  She's still a super good eater and is self-feeding most of the time.  I just give her spoon foods to round out her meals if she doesn't get enough on her own.

Gah!  I love her smile!

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  1. Love your collage of the months! I wish I would have thought to do that of my son! She is a darling little girl!


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