Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KCWC: Day 3

I'm not sure I should be allowed to be this excited about something I made, but I seriously love these little ladybug wings!

They took less than an hour to make and turned out soo much better than I had envisioned. 

I used some of the leftover polka dot fabric from her dress and I had bought some black felt by the yard when planning the costumes.  A little red elastic will hold them in place nicely.  I used a 12" cardboard cake round from Hadley's birthday party and drew lines dividing it into quarters.  From the center point down, I drew a slight curve outward.  That's it!  Pattern complete.  I sewed the polka dot fabric RST to one layer of felt and turned and topstitched that to make the top wings.  The bottom wings are a double layer of felt with edgestitching to hold them together.  I made a figure eight out of the elastic and tacked the bottom wings to it and then the top wings to that with only a 3 inch "L" seam holding the top corner in place.

I had planned to make Hadley's wings tonight as well.  I have time, but I need her to measure the elastic and I have a decision to make.  Should I use more of the black felt, or get fancy and use the silver pleather I have leftover from my Super Super Hero Kit?  I'm leaning strongly in one direction - what do you think?

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