Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC: Day 4

Did you guess?  Yup, I went with the silver pleather.  The black just seemed to contrast-y and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use silver pleather.  I mean when else except Halloween and maybe dress up can you say that?  I still used the black felt, but more as a stabilizer in between each of the wing layers.

You can see it's not perfect.  There's all kind of puckering on the bottom wings where I have pleather on both sides (the top wings are pleather on the back).  I should have busted out the walking foot, but my internal dialog went something like "my sewing machine handles this stuff really well".  It did - when there was one side fabric to help smooth things along. 

Regardless of the imperfections, I still love them!  Now I can't wait to pull the whole costume together and see my two ladybug girls on Halloween!

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