Thursday, October 18, 2012

Modeled: Party Skirt/Fluttery Shirt

Here's the Party Skirt I made for Arden in place of her version of the Party Dress I made for Hadley.  I had grand intentions of trying to make a full dress, but I just couldn't figure a way to make a bodice with the fabric I had - not even if I lined it in a totally different fabric.

So, I just made the skirt part of the Party Dress and added a casing and elastic.  Toss on my label and we're all done.

It seemed to work just right with the fluttery shirt knockoff I made during KCWC.  I really had trouble getting the colors adjusted to be true to life, so without further ado - here's the combo modeled during daylight (albeit a dreary rainy daylight and hence the Hello Kitty rainboots.  Not part of my intended styling, but they're cute!)

It's a super twirly skirt, so once I convinced her that a skirt is nearly as good as a dress she was ready for some spinning.

I love the three dimensional butterflies on the fluttery shirt.  I seem to have acquired a bit of a fascination with felted wool applique (here and here) - the outcome is just so cute!

Most of the time the only way I can get her to pose is to ask her to twirl or jump.  Once she gets into it, she starts freestyling. 

There was a slight posing incident immediately following this shot.  Apparently balancing on one leg is still a skill to be mastered.

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  1. Super cute outfit! I love girls in gumboots and childlike and fun! :)


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