Monday, October 29, 2012

Who's Behind That False Face?

Who's behind that false face,
Nobody knows but me,
Who's behind that false face,
Nobody knows but me,
I won't tell you, you will have to guess,
If your guess is right, I will answer "Yes!"

Did you do a costume parade when you were growing up?  We would go in a long line from classroom to classroom singing that song when I was in elementary school.  It always runs through my head this time of year.

Here are the costumes I made for Halloween this year:

Remember the tree costume that began like this:

Here it is all finished and ready to hand over at a meetup at IKEA (where I was picking up the goodies for my craft table - yay!) since my friend lives sort of close to the nearest one to me.  I'm still a little bent out of shape that the top and bottoms are so far from matching.  I died the bottom half of the hoodie and it came out lighter than I had hoped.  So then I went to plan B and tried to bleach the pants.  I soaked them in a bleach solution three separate times and nothing.  Zip.  Nada.  No dice.  They didn't change one iota.  I ran out of time and ideas to get them closer in color so it is what it is.

This costume involved quite a lot of hand sewing.  All the leaves on the arms had to be stitched on by hand and I embroidered "VM + candy" inside a heart onto the pants to replicate carving on the tree trunk.  VM is my friend's son's initials.

I was informed in no uncertain terms by Arden that she wanted to be a red ladybug and Hadley would be a pink ladybug.  Hey, she's volunteering for coordinating costumes, so who am I to argue?  Here's what I shared during KCWC...

... and the finished costume.   I made the hat out of fleece with antennae I made from fleece strip pom-pons and a knitted I-cord.  The tights are from JoAnn's and are s-u-p-e-r big on Arden even though they say children's tights ages 3 and up.  Like they're pulled up to her armpits and rolled up on the top of her thighs big.

I still think the wings are super adorable!  I think the kind made from wire and pantyhose are fine, but I think these will stand up to some serious dress-up action and they remind me more of real ladybug wings.  They're also really comfortable and lightweight (not that I'd try on my kid's ladybug wings or anything!).

See - no interference while changing dolly's diaper in household at her preschool.  I could have made the antennae stand up, but I kind of like that they're all dangly.  The fleece hats should be super warm for a Michigan Halloween.  As a kid it was always a battle to come up with a costume that was warm enough on it's own or fight with Mom about having to put a coat on over it.  I have a black hoodie she can wear under this if it's cold, and red fleece pants as well.  

Here's Hadley's pink ladybug costume during construction.

And in action today.  She does this cute knee walk all the time - does anyone else know a kid who did this?  I think it started because she used to sort of ski crawl - she'd find a book or a toy that would slide and just hold her hands still and crawl with her legs.  When she carries things that don't slide or she doesn't want to put down she does this.

I'm looking forward to Trick-or-Treating - we'll probably just hit up a couple dozen houses in the immediate vicinity and come back to hand out candy at our house.

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  1. Two darling little lady bugs there! Great job on the costumes!!

  2. Super cute. I love the tough wings and what is the deal with the crazy sizing on tights???

  3. The wings look fantastic. Are they attached to the tunic?


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