Monday, December 24, 2012

Meet Clementine, Rose, & Some Pretty Bad Peg People

I shared the Black Apple doll I made for Hadley with you the other day.  I decided to call her Clementine because of her orange hair.  It seems like a good name for her.

We'll call Arden's pink haired dollie Rose.  Since Arden is nearly four, her doll gets a few additional details like ric rac trim, pigtails, and a removable skirt.

Looks like Clementine and Rose are hitting it off right away.  Now I still need to figure out the faces.  I'm tempted to leave them blank because I think they're pretty cute that way, but Arden will most definitely want hers to have at least eyes.  I'll probably do a couple of dry runs on scraps and then paint the faces tonight.

I also made our family in peg form for each of the girls.  We have most definitely ventured out of my skill set here.  I am not a painter unless it's a wall or a stencil involved.  For my level of skill I think they're reasonably recognizable and good enough that the girls will probably enjoy them.  Don't be looking for these to make an appearance in my Etsy shop - ha!

Arden is the one with the braid in the back and I have a ponytail that got partially painted over by my sweater.  I coated the entire peg in glossy Mod Podge to give it some shine and they look way better that way than right after they had been painted.

I've finished up nearly all of my last minute handmade Christmas gifts; I have just one more for Dave that should be a quick project.  My foot is doing really well; I've only had some pain where the incision was made.  Keeping Arden from taking off on my wheel around is another matter.  She sits on the knee pad and them rolls the wheels with her feet to move it.  Little stinker!

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  1. I love your peg people! And the dolls are them!

  2. Pretty dools!Love them all!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. These are darling! I love the faceless dolls, but I can see how your little one would want a face on hers. And your peg people are great! Thanks for sharing :)


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