Saturday, June 30, 2012

#Summerlist: Sponge Water Bombs

I've set my mind to make a list of sorts for summer activities to achieve - nothing new I know, but I've never done this before.  I started a Pinterest board to gather ideas, and one of them was for these great sponge water bombs:

So being me = somewhat impulsive, I didn't take the time to get on the computer to follow her great tutorial and set out to do it my way.  It worked just fine and I was able to use fasteners I had on hand vs. buying fishing line to secure the bombs.

I picked up a couple of packages of cellulose sponges at the store and some zip ties we had on hand.

Cut the sponges into thirds lengthwise using kitchen shears.

Secured the zip tie in the center and pulled as tight as I could.  Then using the kitchen shears again I cut off the extra tie as close as I could get to the loop so there wouldn't be any sharp parts.

Drop into our Hello Kitty kiddie pool and enjoy!

Arden has been having a ball with them - throwing them at us (sort of at us - you know three year olds' aim...) and carrying them around in a water pail. 

Dave and I got in on the fun tossing them at each other.  I was at a disadvantage because I was holding Hadley in my right arm and I can't throw well left-handed.  So, being the selfless and fabulous Mom that I am, I used Hadley as a shield to prevent Dave from hitting me at will with the bombs!

Simple, cheap and fun - this is the best kind of summer goodie!

A few other items on my #summerlist are:

* tie dye clothing
* have a picnic in a tent
* create a pvc sprinkler
* make bath foam
* check out our new local splash park

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Friday, June 29, 2012

I Pinned It! 6.29.12

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How cute is this kids fedora?  I think I might be able to pull off my own version of this...

What a fun festive way to keep drinks cool for a party!!  Freeze water-filled balloons and toss them in with beverages.

OMG!  How awesome is this DIY lemonade stand!?  It could easily do double duty as a puppet theatre or as a serving station for a party.  Love, love the use of the window well surround as an awning!

Yet another fabulous pouch tutorial from Anna at Noodlehead!

This roundup of hand and bread machine made breads looks like it could be a lifesaver since I misplaced my favorite recipe for bread machine bread.  Includes some handy tips like shaping dough for a loaf.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nautical Roundup

Kirsten from a really great design blog 6th Street Design School does an annual nautical themed roundup of Etsy listings and she featured my nautical flag banners:

I love all the great finds she's featuring!  Go check it out - she has links to all the shops so you can visit the shops to see all of the items.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

I Pinned It! 6.22.12

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I had to start a whole new "Adult Beverages" board due to this pin for yummy white sangria!

I'm working on building a pseudo summer bucket list and this "fluffy bathtub paint" sounds like a fun idea.

This one got filed in my Kid Food board.  Yum, yum!

Firstly, the bag is just plain adorable but secondly, I love the color combination of the yellow and stripes.  Look familiar, hunh?

Salted.Caramel.Buttercream.Cupcakes.  I don't think I need to say anything else.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instagram 6.21.12

I figure that since I spend almost all my spare time sewing I'd continue with the easiest way for me to share photos of what else is going on around here in my Jennuine Life...

Princessbee Arden.  She layers her dress up stuff in some really interesting ways.  Oh, and the princess dress is her "doctor dress" and she gives "treatments" by pressing the little medallion on the front onto your owies

To add even more hilarity to this, she's taken to stuffing the bee butt FULL of random stuff - like the Cabbage Patch doll from my childhood I gave her recently.  Yeah, we'll be telling these stories when she brings her first boyfriend home...

A trip to the ER for a temp of 104.  They're treating her for a UTI even though the urine catch didn't show anything too conclusive.  This kid gets fevers at the drop of a hat.

Rockin' her new Hello Kitty shades and a cranberry juice smile.

My inlaws are visiting so Arden and I got a rare trip solo to "The Bagel Store" aka Big Apple Bagels while Hadley was napping at home under their watch.

Hadley finally got the transmission into forward and is now scarily mobile.  She's acting like pulling up to standing will be another accomplishment in short order.

Washi tape from The Plaid Barn.  I thought this would make for some really fun packaging for my nautical flag banners.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This year for Father's Day we celebrated Daddy for the whole day.  I don't remember where I saw the idea about a gift every hour, but that's what I went with.  Here was the schedule for today:

7:00 AM  Starbuck's in a customized mug
8:00 AM  A relaxing bath with Man Soap
9:00  AM Hand and footprint art from Hadley
10:00 AM Take Hadley on a hike
11:00 AM  Make gingersnaps with Arden
12:00 PM  Jimmy John's for lunch
1:00 PM  Quiet time with a book
2:00 PM  Click Clack Moo tickets
4:00 PM  Specialty root beer/creme soda sampler
5:00 PM  Daddy questionnaire
6:00 PM  Beer sampler

Man Soap sampler on Etsy from Herbivore Botanicals

The hike with Hadley turned into a walk due to rain and a shortened walk due to a fire engine going by and freaking her out.  At least the Bjorn got one more outing before she outgrows the weight limit on it!

He said "no" to wearing my frilly apron to make cookies.

Click Clack Moo - Cows That Type was playing at our local theatre.  Dave, Arden, and Dave's Dad went to see the show.

And the Daddy Questionnaire:

BY Arden Jean AGE 3

What is Daddy’s Name?  Dad
How tall is Daddy?  Bigger – him can reach cookies
How old is Daddy?  Six months old
How much does Daddy weigh?  Five
What color is Daddy’s hair?  Black
What color are Daddy’s eyes?  Brown
What does Daddy do for work?  Color
What is Daddy’s favorite color?  Blue
What is Daddy’s favorite TV show?  Hello Kitty Movie
What does Daddy like to do outside?  Mow the lawn
What is Daddy’s favorite food?  Chinese
What is Daddy’s favorite fruit?  Orange
What is Daddy’s favorite snack?  Coffee
What is Daddy’s favorite drink?  Milk
What is Daddy’s favorite dessert?  Yogurt
What is Daddy’s favorite animal?  Elephant, no Otto
What is Daddy’s favorite song?  Jingle Bells
What does Daddy like to do for fun?  Swinging
I love it when my Daddy:  Plays dollies
My favorite thing about my Daddy is: Eating cookies with my Daddy

I {heart} MY DADDY

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Friday, June 15, 2012

I Pinned It! 6.15.12

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Love, love, LOVE this flag screen.  With 4th of July approaching, it's a great way to decorate for the holiday.  Plus, this was made out of repurposed items!

These Windy City Crescent Rolls made with spinach, feta, and mozzarella look so yummy.  Plus they're 1. vegetarian 2. onion and garlic free, and 3. apealing to kids so they get put right to the top of the list of things I'm going to try.  My hubby is vegetarian, my FIL can't eat onions or garlic (gasp!) and they're visiting next week, and Arden's a pretty good eater, but if it's in bread and rolled up it's a sure thing!
This tutorial for salt dough footprint keepsakes is very clear and will be on my go-to list for Father's Day and other remembrances.

This roundup of canning recipes is such a great resource.  I've done a little canning and made some jams, but I'd really like to try to do more of it.  We're s-l-o-w-l-y growing more in our yard, so maybe one day I'll hae a pantry full of yummy home canned veggies!

You know it wouldn't be an I Pinned It! Friday here on A Jennuine Life without at least one drool-worthy dessert!  These deep dish cookie pies look so decadent!  Yum, yum, yumm!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It's been a while since I was a college student, but I vividly remember going to the SBX (Student Book Exchange) on campus and dropping hundreds of dollars on text books!

I was approached by to share some information about their book rental program with you and I leapt at the opportunity!  My older brother is currently working towards his Bachelor's degree, and one of my besties has returned to get her Masters degree in nursing.  I'm going to give them and you, my lovely readers, the lowdown on this great way to get books for waaay cheaper than buying them directly:

Here's the details:
  • Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • Free shipping both ways
  • You can highlight in the textbooks!
  • Flexible renting periods
  • They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
  • And more - check out their website for even more perks!
So, you get text books for cheaper than buying, don't have to leave your sofa to get them, and on top of that you get to help children through Operation Smile!!!???!!  This is the part that really made me want to jump up and write this post!

Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it. To heal a child's smile forever changes their life.  I went to school with a boy who had a repaired cleft lip and now my daughter is in preschool with a happy little boy who is having surgeries to repair his cleft lip and palate.  I have seen what a difference these surgeries make in their lives and as a parent I don't want to imagine being in a situation where I couldn't afford to get my child a surgery that could make this large of an impact in their future.  Operation Smile is working to make it so that no parent has to go through that scenario.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hadley Marie: 8 Months

Hadley is now eight months and man she is on the go, go, go!  She still can't get the transmission into forward so it's pretty comical to watch her back across the room while trying to reach a toy.  Nursing has become a contortionist act, introducing lesser-known holds like "octopus" and "hang ten" instead of cross-cradle or football holds!  I can't count how many times I've been kicked in the throat, and I sleep with a hair band around my wrist so I can get my tempting hair out of reach while still half asleep.

She's been waking ahead of when I used to get her up in the morning or staying awake after I feed her, so we've taken to hanging out together while I get ready and then playing in Arden's room while I get big sister ready.

She's got this boisterous personality and a belly laugh to go with it.  She loves physical play and "don't drop the baby" gets her squealing and hiccuping every time.

She weighs in at 22 pounds this month using our scale at home.  That puts her about 98th percentile for weight.  I didn't get a length, but I bet she's still at the 97 - 100th percentile mark for that as well.  I forgot to say last month that she had gotten her first tooth on April 26th and then the neighbor on May 30th.  She did pretty good cutting teeth - a little grumpy and some drooly days but overall not too shabby.

I used some of the money from the One Kings Lane order to get a 50mm prime lens for my camera and I've been having some fun with that.  This picture of Hadley is completely unedited.

She thinks her big sister is the best thing and just loves any attention Arden gives her.

Here's the collage!  I can't resist the little Pebbles ponytail on the top of her head!  I'll probably start putting two in as soon as it gets a little longer.  She'll probably be mad at me for doing it when she's older but I think it's cute!
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