Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Giveway - The Plaid Barn

We interrupt radio silence to share a really awesome giveway!

The Plaid Barn - a daily deal website - is giving away a Fuji Instax 7 camera + 5 twin packs of film.

Go check it out and enter at The Plaid Barn - sign up to receive a daily e-mail letting you know about that day's fabulous deal while you're there!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hadley Marie: 9 Months

Hadley has been nine months for oh, about three weeks now, so I thought it was about darn time to get an update.  I take all sorts of pictures, but with it being pretty warm, I haven't wanted to sit in the warm office to edit photos.

She's weighing in now about 23 lbs. and 30 inches long, which puts her above the 96th percentile line for weight and well off the chart for height..  Hadley is a BIG girl!  When we see other babies her size when we're out and about, they're invariable well over one year old.

Her personality is really starting to shine.  She blows raspberries all the time and laughs readily.  She is so interactive and after I wipe her face after a meal she will take the wipe and put it on my face - she thinks that is hilarious!

We had to go through all of Arden's toys that are in common areas and sort out the unsafe toys becase she is into everything!  Especially if it's a shoe, a cord, or my phone.  It's almost as if you sit her down and she looks around thinking to herself "what in this room does Mommy not want me to get into?" and then she makes a beline for it.

She put the car in drive this month and now is motoring all over the place.  So much so that she was giving herself rugburns on the top of her feet and knees from following a boy at daycare around.  Older men, always getting girls into trouble!  Amost immediately after beginning to crawl she started working on pulling up to stand.

She is very content to play for long stretches by herself.  She wants to know that someone is near, but they don't have to be alongside for her to stay occupied.  It's a good thing that Arden has broken the cats and dogs in, because Hadley is bound and determined to catch whichever animal is daring enough to stay in her vicinity.

Hadley has fully graduated to finger foods and I think we're going to have a swifter transition away from purees than Arden.  She really enjoys feeding herself and within just a week or so of introducing goodies like blueberries, avocado, bananas, pasta, green beans, and corn she's chomping them down really well.

She especially likes blueberries!  Takes after Grandpa fishy (Arden's new nickname for my Dad).

The two teeth that made their way through at five months are now fully in place and she's beginning to suffer pretty badly from the next round of teeth.  From the look of things, the top two middle and perhaps another top tooth are on their way.  Not a happy camper!

And the nine month collage.  I wish I had been more consistent about how I positioned her and where I cropped the photo so you could see the growth more easily, but it's still fun to see how she matures over the months.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Equation for Bad Blogging

So... Accountant + 2 Quarter closing + 4th of July Holiday + Parents in town + Etsy sewing = Really Bad Blogger!

I know you've just been waiting on pins and needles for me to post something (ha!), but I do miss having regular posts.  I've done a couple of fun things that I want to share, but I have been really busy and our computer is in the hottest room in our house and I just don't feel like sitting there sweating to edit photos and draft a post while it's 90+ outside/80+ inside.

So here's a little glimpse via Instagram photos (follow me at jennuinelife) of what I've been up to:

Hadley has been crawling up a storm!  And doing baby yoga bending over and putting her head on the floor like this.  Sooo cute! 

Laser, being Laser and insisting on playing fetch even when it's insanely hot.  He just goes and takes a dip in Arden's kiddie pool to cool off - going all the way under the water.  We call him "snorkle dog" when he does this!

I made a simple little diaper for baby doll out of felted wool (from my first package pal) and snaps which has given Arden innumerable hours of dolly diaper changing happiness.  I might have to make another because I'm not sure how much longer I can fool her that I've gotten a clean one out of the diaper bag when I give her back the same one!

I added nautical flag pillow covers to the shop and one of the orders turned into a special project - pieced fronts like a quilt instead of applique.  They're really nice, but waaaay more work than the way I usually do them!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

I Pinned It! 7.6.12

** Remember to click back to the originator before pinning any images from this post ** 

So, Hadley's first birthday is rapidly approaching (gasp!) in just three short months so I'm trying to decide on the theme - bird/tree/nature like her nursery and this adorable inspiration party, or ...

A yoga theme since she is constantly doing baby yoga moves like adho mukha svinasana (downward facing dog pose) and balasana (child pose).  Love these yoga mat invitations with string carrying strap.

Anything that looks this tasty and doesn't require turning on the oven in 90+ degree heat and crazy humidity is a good thing in my book, but the reviews for these no bake chocolate chip granola bars are saying they're better than Trader Joe's.

I pinned this amazing swinging daybed but you've got to check out the entire post - Jane transforms cottages on Tybee Island and they are so adorable and you can feel the calm settle over you looking at the images.  Now if only I had a covered porch.  On Tybee Island.  Or any island for that matter!

So what party theme gets your vote for Hadley's first birthday party?

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jennuine Design on One Kings Lane - Round Two!

Check me out on the main page today of One Kings Lane!!

My shop is being featured as part of their Quintessential Summer promotion to sell the remaining units from the earlier event.

I'm very excited as this time my shop name is getting a prominent mention and I have a new listing in my shop so it's a very good time for some increased traffic.

Nautical Signal Flag Pillow Covers!!  I had intended to add these to my shop during the first event, but I absolutely ran out of time to create a sample.  Recently I had a customer request pillow covers so I am adding them and giving her a shop sample discount off the $20 per cover price.  This flag is the "D" for our last name and served as invisible zipper practice and I also intend to leave it outside to test how the materials weather.  It's made of duck cloth and ripstop nylon so it should do well, but I'm worried that it might mildew if left outside for extended periods. 

Each flag represents a letter, a code word, and a meaning.  The "D" flag is Delta; Keep clear of me, I am maneuvering with difficulty - seems very appropo at times!!

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