Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hadley Marie: 15 Months

Now that Hadley has passed a year, I'll do quarterly updates until she turns two.

Since her birthday, Hadley:

Attended her first parade.  We went with gMa & gPa Sunshine to CMU's homecoming parade.  That's my sorority house in the background.

Went Trick or Treating for the first time.  She is so definitely an extrovert.  She was waving to passersby the entire time, often with both hands.  It was like her own personal parade.  Hi-larious!

Started walking.  The week before Thanksgiving she took off and never looked back.  She also weened about the same time.  It was her choice and it went very smoothly.  

Traveled with us to Chicago and met Aunt Jean and Uncle Matthew.  She had a cold and the beginnings of an ear infection and slept through most of the commotion.

Found Thanksgiving dinner to be most enjoyable.  She was incredibly suspect of the mashed sweet potatoes until I managed to get some on her tongue and then she was smitten.

Helped set up our feeble attempt at outdoor decoration for the Holidays.

Was WAAY not into Santa Claus.

Was simultaneously confused and excited by our little New Year's Eve celebration.

During this span, she also cut six new teeth; three of them within the space of a week.  Ouch!  And graduated completely from bottles, another smooth transition.

She took a little break from working on her vocabulary while she was perfecting walking, and is now back to jabbering away.  She's at that stage where she's stringing an unintelligible litany of gibberish with full expectation that we understand her.  Sounds more like Chinese, and I've heard "she she" or thank-you in Mandarin multiple times which only provided more evidence.  She's also displaying baby signs with proficiency - "more" being her favorite.

See you in three months!


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