Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kiwi Crate: Antarctic Adventure

First, let me start off that this is not a sponsored post.  Arden received a three month subscription to Kiwi Crate as a Christmas present from Grandma & Grandpa Idaho (Dave's Parents).  I thought I would share our experience so far with the crate of goodies we received in December.  All images are from my Instagram feed - you can follow me @jennuinelife.

The theme was Antarctic Adventure which was right up our alley since Dave and I went on a volunteer vacation to work with penguins in South Africa before we had kids.  We have a soft place in our hearts for penguins (even though they aren't particularly friendly animals).

First up - penguin bowling.  Arden decorated her penguins with stickers and drew eyes and beaks on with a marker.  I put the little feet on the "pins" and we set up an alley in our foyer hallway.  Both girls had a riot rolling the included wiffle ball towards the penguins.  We've set up the game a couple of times since and it's a great activity as long as we can get Arden to take turns!

There were four postcards to create aurora borealis paintings.  The kit included a nice variety of oil pastels and a palette of water colors.  Arden had never used oil pastels before and really liked the saturation they gave.  We made different combinations of pastels and watercolors to show how the watercolor wouldn't paint over the pastels but would work in the reverse.  The postcards are a heavy watercolor paper; perfect for this project.  We'll sit down and write out a letter to send to each of the grandparents now that they've been decorated.

Then there's an "explore more" section to perform experiments with ice.  They even included a cute silicon penguin ice cube tray.  We did two of the experiments - the ice lift using salt and string and you can see the other experiment on the plate where we discovered which ice cube would melt fastest - the one left in the open or the one wrapped up in a paper towel.  This was really fun and we got to discuss things like creating a hypothesis and testing that hypothesis with an experiment.  Can you tell Dave is a scientist?  Arden thought the ice in the towel would melt faster but we discovered that it didn't and then talked about why that was.

So I give Kiwi Crate a wholehearted two thumbs up!  We're eagerly looking forward to the next crate which should be arriving any day now.


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