Cocoon Dress :: Round Two

While my sewing table was being used as a temporary island countertop in our new kitchen, I took the time to cut out a couple of patterns to sew up – one of them was another Cocoon Dress by Groovy Baby and Mama.  The first two Cocoon Dresses I made just before Christmas are already in heavy rotation.

Cocoon Dress pattern by Groovy Baby and Mama

I could just barely squeeze this one out of the leftover fabric I had from the Uptown/Downtown Dress I made myself.  It’s a textured knit from Michael Levine Inc.  I can’t find the exact one listed any longer, but this is the black and white version.  I know it’s not vastly different from the other two Cocoon Dresses I made already, but with the navy/white vs. black/pink combination, I think they’re enough different.

Cocoon Dress 2 3

For this one I left off the shoulder frills – the edges of this fabric get a little stringy, so it wasn’t a good candidate and I didn’t have a navy that matched well.  I kept the lengthened sleeves like I made before, and this time I didn’t add a neckband.

Cocoon Round 2 1

Like I mentioned above, I only barely had enough of this fabric – so much so that I had to re-draw the back curve to fit it on.  So it’s not quite as long and graceful as the original, but it will do!

Cocoon Dress 2 4

The back hem is kicking out a bit – I had to make a double turn hem due to the fraying edges, and I didn’t want the serged edge to show on the longer back edge.  I’m pretty sure it will relax after washing, since it lessened a fair bit with some steam.  Combined, the “sponginess” of this fabric, the shorter curve and the double turn hem made this one a fair amount shorter than the other version I made Hadley.  This length probably warrants leggings instead of tights, and it will definitely be tunic length on Arden.

Cocoon Dress 2 2

This is the first time taking photos in Hadley’s freshly painted room.  Previously it was a country blue and I just finished painting it the other day.  We’ll be converting her crib to a full size bed and once I have all the finishing touches complete, I’ll give a tour.  But expect to see a mix of aqua and pink backdrops from now on!

Outfit Details
Dress: Cocoon Dress by Groovy Baby and Mama in textured knit from Michael Levine Inc.
Tights: Target
Boots: See Kai Run

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