The Women’s Janie Dress

Remember the Janie Dress I made last fall?  Well Hayley at Mouse House Creations just released the Women’s Janie Dress!

Women's Janie Dress Line Drawings-01

It has all the same neckline finishes as the girls’ version: regular neckline, ballet neckline, Peter Pan collar, and cowl.  The ballet neckline is a touch less dramatic than the girls’ version so that bra straps are covered.  The Peter Pan collar is mock just like on the girls, meaning it’s only on the front of the dress and sewn into the shoulder seams.

There’s short, half, three-quarter and long sleeves.  The skirt options are full circle and three-quarter circle in both peplum and knee lengths.  The three-quarter skirt is new on the women’s version, and there’s not the gathered skirts as there are on the girls’ since during testing adding fullness to the waist wasn’t popular with the grown-up girls.

Women's Janie 1

I made the cowl version in a three-quarter circle skirt dress, and added the optional inseam pockets.  I just love dresses with pockets!  This is basically the same dress I made Arden, but in completely different fabrics so we’re not matchy-matchy.  I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that I’m not allowed to make Arden and me into twinsies.

Women's Janie 2

Check out those heels!  I used to wear those to work on a regular basis before babies and genetics did my feet in completely.  Ah, cute shoes…

I was still wearing my dress (I swapped out the killer heels for tall boots as soon as I was done with photos) when I picked up the girls from school and preschool, and Hadley said I looked beautiful and should wear this dress all the time!  That’s some high praise!

Women's Janie 3

The Women’s Janie has one more feature that the girls’ version does not – a built in FBA.  There are two bodice fronts – one with about 2″ difference between high and full bust, and another with a 2″ FBA added.  My measurements are 40″ upper bust, 42″ full bust and 36″ waist.  Since I was between sizes and this is a knit garment I made the size L with the adjusted bust.  It fits so nicely!  The only change I may make in the future is either a full bicep adjustment since I do have fuller upper arms or going to the XL without the FBA since I also have broad shoulders.

Women's Janie 4

I really like the slightly reduced fullness of the three-quarter circle over the full circle for me.  Hopefully that also translates to less likelihood of a Marylin Monroe moment?

My fabrics are Art Gallery knit for the dress, and a jegging type knit I think I picked up at Jo-Ann’s for the cowl.  I really like how the two fabrics worked together, and the pseudo-geometric print of the fabric worked really well for the skirt.

Women's Janie 5

My apologies for the semi-sneer face in most of these photos.  I really need to start taking someone with me when I do tripod and remote photos in public so they can tell me when I’m making faces or generally looking dorky.  I think I get into a “let’s get this public embarrassment over with as fast as possible” mode and just don’t realize I’m making stink eye at the camera.  It was also kind of a hazy day with glare from the flat lighting.

Women's Janie 6

The Women’s Janie Dress and Peplum is on sale for only $6 through Friday.  Normal price will be $9.  Hayley said the girls’ and women’s Janie bundle will be available after the release sale.

Outfit Details:
Pattern: Mouse House Creations Women’s Janie Dress and Peplum
Fabric: Art Gallery knit Maze Blues

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  1. Emily February 27, 2017 at 8:50 PM #

    So gorgeous on you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bonnie February 27, 2017 at 9:23 PM #

    This is such a cute dress. I agree with Hadley – you look beautiful.

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