Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nursery Prep: Shelf

I'm 37 weeks and 4 days into my pregnancy, and I'm beginning to feel every single day of that!  Time is ticking by both slowly and quickly, and I still have a few nursery prep projects left to check off the punch list.  Today I tackled the shelf for baby's room.

The shelf is one of a pair my Dad made for me over ten years ago for Christmas.  I showed him a picture from the Pottery Barn catalog and he whipped them up.  The partner is in Arden's room.

The frame is from our wedding - it displayed the table assignments for guests.  I left that in there for the time being, but will replace it with a picture of the baby when she arrives.  I'm pondering painting the mat either turquoise or green to bring a bit more color up there.  Hmmm....

The antique blue mason jars are also from our wedding.  I swear I'm not jumping on the blue jar bandwagon here - these were centerpieces at our wedding.  I used flowers from the Farmer's Market that was the morning of the wedding just steps away from our reception tent.

The birdhouse was made by my Great-Grandfather.  It was home to many a bird over the years, but then a bluejay pecked the opening larger and the finches it was intended for wouldn't nest there any more.  It fits nicely with the bird/tree theme I'm going for and I like that it's getting displayed again after hanging out in our basement for several years.

The little bird figurine and fleur de lis embellished planter are from A Revived Life - a local couple who refurbish vintage furniture and have a new booth at the antiques center just up the road.  I love the furniture they redo, but nothing in the booth worked for this room, so I'm probably going to work with them to do a custom piece.  They're new to the bloggy world - stop by and say "hello".


  1. Thank you so much Jennifer for the shout out and especially for finding a way to get a little Revived Designs in your nursery :) That planter is a fav of my son's...he wanted to keep it! So glad it has a good home on your very cute shelf. Thanks again, it means a lot to us.

  2. I love your blog! Very cute ideas and I love your color choices. I have girls and don't like to get into too much of the pinks. Hope you don't mind me asking, but I've read that you're a runner, and I am too and want to start running again after my baby comes and I want to try and breast feed this time. Did you find it hard running while breastfeeding? And did the baby weight linger a little longer too while BF?

  3. I didn't find it too difficult running while breastfeeding - I just had to time my runs so that I wasn't super full while running. I also had to find a really supportive running bra since the girls were a whole lot bigger during and after pregnancy. I found the Moving Comfort Helena sports bra to be very supportive and bonus has an adjustable strap that doubled to allow nursing or pumping. They've added some similar styles since then that look very promising. That being said, I certainly haven't made my way back to the same level of runner as I was before Arden. I had a LOT of pelvic and back pain during pregnancy the first time, and the pelvic pain took about a year to resolve completely. This time I haven't had the same problems, so I'm really optimistic that I can return to running on a more consistent basis. As far as weight, I wasn't one of the lucky ones that breastfeeding made the weight just drop off. I lost quite a bit in the beginning, but I must have compensated by eating too much or not getting enough activity and stalled about 20-25 pounds above pre-pregnancy weight. I've only gained 27 lbs. this pregnancy so I'm really hopeful that I can do things better this time and get back to a weight I am happier with. I have plans to chose a half marathon or other mid-distance race to train for to help motivate me! Good luck! Maybe I'll pull a post on this topic together...

  4. Thanks for your reply! I'm only 23 weeks along and am still running just a little. However, I'm up in weight a little more than I'd like to be. That would be great if you did a post on PP running/exercise. I'd like to sign up for a half as well to help motivate me to get back into training. My 2 favorite past times are running and crafts. I bet there are lots of ladies out there who feel the same. :)

    Thanks again, and I look forward to that post!



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