Saturday, January 28, 2012

OMTWI Week Four: Media Dresser

Did you see the results of the final round of Season 7 of One Month To Win It?  I knew as soon as I saw Rhonda from home.made's grain sack painted dresser I knew my little project didn't stand a chance:

And Jessica from Sunny Tuesday (who claims to not "do" furniture) made her own ribbon storage station from scratch:

My project ended up being a minor fail.  If left entirely to my own devices, I would have tried to do a more interesting paint scheme, and I would have loved to try to do some stenciling or hand painting on it.  But it had to also fit with my husband's aesthetic, and the room it was intended to go into was already painted a rich blue and had dark woodwork, so it needed to be lighter. 

That's not really the fail part, just the constraints.  The fail part was that Dave got the family a Blue Ray disk player for Christmas, and it didn't have the same dimensions as our previous DVD player.  Also, after I got the whole stinkin' thing finished, it didn't really work in the space - it was narrower than our television, and it was elevated enough that the damaged spots on our hardwood floors was visible as well as the power strip and all the cords.  I selectively edited the photos and "prettied up" the floor and cords for submission to the contest.  Here's what it looked like without editing:

So, if you know anyone in the central Michigan area looking for a cute media dresser - send them my way!  I do like how it turned out; just not in our living room.

I'm thrilled to have made it as far as I did in this competition pitted against some very talented ladies.  It's one place further than I made it in Project Toddler Runway, so I'm movin' up in the world!

Media Dresser

I feel soooo lucky to have made it to the finale of One Month To Win It!  I was really on the edge of my seat for the results of last week's voting, so thanks everyone!

For the furniture theme, I wanted to tackle the media center in our family room.  We had recently wall mounted our television, so no longer needed a unit for the TV to stand on.  I searched Craig's list for a piece of furniture that could be repurposed to fit underneath and found this charming little antique dresser.

Now don't go getting all upset at me for painting an antique - it wasn't in the best of shape, and whoever had stained and sealed it previously had not done it any favors.  I used paints from the Martha Stewart line and painted the drawers fronts and side panels a high gloss buckwheat flour and the body of the dresser cast bronze.

I removed the top drawer to house our DVR and DVD players; reusing the drawer bottom to make a shelf.  I wanted the components to be somewhat hidden but still able to receive the remote control signals and also be able to access the DVD player to change disks.  To accomplish this, I built a frame and used L-brackets at the corners and a mesh screen called hardware cloth to back it.  I sprayed the hardware and screen with oil rubbed bronze spray paint to go with the new drawer pulls I installed.  The door lifts up on hinges so we'll be able to reach the components.  I think the L-brackets give the piece a look similar to campaign furniture.

I lined the shelf and both the drawers (which had seen better days) with linen fabric decoupaged to stay in place.  The drawers will hold our DVDs, spare remotes, and a cozy blanket for snuggling up on the sofa to watch a good movie!
This has been such a fun challenge - regardless of the final outcome, it has been a pleasure to participate on One Month To Win It Season 7!


  1. Hi! Visiting from sundae scoop. I love your new media area. I have seen this before and I want to do it! Thanks for the inspiration :) now to find a dresser..

    If you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party going on now :)

  2. Really great repurposing project! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome transformation!! I love the dresser and the new storage!! Great job! Your newest follower!!!

  4. Girl, I selectively edited my photos, too! My ribbon storage was a hot mess. I'll tweak it a little and it still does the job, but I was feeling like when you're in middle school and have to turn in a 5 page paper, but you only have 4 pages, so you fool with the font and spacing and add in some descriptive words to make it long enough. I think your media center is cute! I have loved your projects (and guessed which ones were yours) every week! :)

  5. Im glad you linked up to my party last Friday.. I hope to see ya again this Friday :)


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