Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sticky Note

I'm at work today and stumbled across the online sticky note I had used to time my contractions for my pregnancy with Hadley:

It's so surreal seeing that!  I was working from home because it was my due date and I was feeling large and uncomfortable and had been having some sporadic contractions for a few days.  I had some things to wrap up at work, and we had scheduled an induction for the next day unless I went on my own.  So I was instant messaging a friend at work who was also going to be my backup during my maternity leave and telling her that I was having contractions, but they weren't regular yet - you know, no big deal...  See the last entry for 4:03 - that was when I called my OB and they said to head to labor and delivery.

At labor and delivery they checked me in to the triage area and I was dilated to 1cm and tested to learn that my water had not broken.  They decided to keep me anyways since I was scheduled to be induced in the morning.  We got into our room around 6:30, and then things progressed quickly from there and I had Hadley at 10:14 PM.  The whole story is here.

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