A Pony Party

I am finally getting around to sharing Arden’s Pony Party – yay!  We had so much fun celebrating Arden’s birthday as she turned five with a very special guest at her party – my cousin’s pony Sweet Pea.
March in Michigan is typically still pretty cold and there might be some light snow on the ground, but this winter has been unusually cold and snowy.  As Dave put it we “threaded the needle”, as it was not extremely cold on the day of the party and the ground was only snowy, not icy – we couldn’t say that about the days immediately preceding or following.  It was 8° the next day without wind chill factored in – brrr!
I started by creating the invitation on PicMonkey. *affiliate link*  I’ve just recently become an affiliate for PicMonkey – it made sense since I use it all the time and LOVE it!  I used one of the photos from my first look for Project Run & Play.  I kinda had in the back of my mind that those pictures might come in handy for Arden’s birthday party because I had already mentioned to my cousin that Arden would love to have Sweet Pea come for her birthday.  Then I went to town with the cool fonts, banners and overlays.  I’m planning to start sharing some tutorials for how I do my edits and graphics using PicMonkey, so watch for those!

The day of the party Arden and Hadley helped me make the piggies in a blanket.  I used cocktail sausages and crescent rolls – the ones that are rounds, not the typical croissant shape.  I cut each strip of dough in half and the girls did the rest.  Hadley did way better than I was expecting, and Arden did hers with one hand in her typical overly-dexterous style.

Later it was time for the guest of honor to arrive!  My cousin drove 45 miles from her home at Haven Acres with Sweet Pea in the pony trailer.  One of Arden’s human guests had already arrived and got to watch as Sweet Pea was unloaded and made ready for riding.

Then each child was given a little ride around our backyard on Sweet Pea’s back.  We had kept the guest list very small to not overwhelm Sweet Pea (or my cousin) (or us!).

It was kind of surreal to see Sweet Pea trekking about in our yard.  We had the dogs inside in their crates, or I’m sure they would have loved to check out the pony.  I don’t show pictures of other people’s kids without their express permission, but everyone had a great time!  A couple were a little hesitant at first, but sweet pea won them over!  I took photos of each rider and will send a photo along with Arden’s thank you note.

After everyone had their fill of riding we came inside and had snacks and cupcakes.

In addition to the piggies in a blanket, I made cornbread mini muffins and put out sliced apples with caramel dip and baby carrots and pretzel twists with ranch dip.  Drinks were white and chocolate milk boxes and individual apple juice bottles.  Talk about an easy spread, but everyone seemed to be happy with it and I wasn’t going crazy trying to prepare everything.

The decor was the chalkboard sign I made – this was my first time using the transfer method where you print out your lettering (I used PicMonkey *affiliate link) and then rub chalk all over the back and trace over it onto the chalkboard.  It went really well, but I would recommend using all simpler fonts – that “Arden” was a pain to trace!  After you trace then you go back over it with the chalk.  Then I purchased some bandana fabric and a blue and white checked homespun as tablecloths.  I’ll use the homespun to make something for the girls later.

Hadley napped through the pony rides so she’ll get her turn this summer when we see Sweet Pea at our family reunion.  She had a great time playing and hanging out with all the big kids!  I didn’t get a good picture of the craft we did.  I had purchased a pack of animal plate crafts at Jo-Ann’s and the girls loved them!  They could make a cow, horse, or pig using google eyes and foam shapes on the colored paper plates.


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  1. Unknown March 31, 2014 at 3:17 PM #

    Love it! We were so happy to be able to help celebrate with Arden and the gang! Also glad the weather cooperated and Sweet Pea was on her best behavior. She really loves the kids!
    A little update: upon arriving home, Sweet Pea rolled, and then proceeded to take a nap! LOL

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